Monday, February 6, 2012

Miss Jessie's Curly Meringue

So...last week after class, I was dead set on purchasing henna, and since my school is close to Ricky's, I decided to take a stroll (knowing I wouldn't find what I wanted there anyway..but the PJ in me just had to go). So after walking the isles of Ricky's, I found myself standing in front the Miss Jessie's section.
I thought I swore off Miss Jessie's? Hmm...
Anyway, after a long  drawn out debate with myself, I decided to pick up the Curly Meringue, since I did have somewhere to be on Thursday (Happy Hour woot! woot!!) and I wanted to let my hair out.

I know I haven't had the best results with Miss Jessie's products and the hair boards hate their products but I said what the heck, why not? just because..

I went home, and went straight to styling my hair. I decided on flat twists because, I only have to do 6 or 7 and let it dry and my hair will come out looking like Diana off I went, sat my behind in front of the mirror, twisting away. I spritz my hair with a lil water, added some curly meringue and I was there daydreaming in the scent..I couldn't wait for it to dry!
After 3 twists, I got fed hair is too thick and I was too tired to focus on making the hair neat, so I unraveled the twist and I was like cot damn! my hair is defined already!..this gave me hope, unlike the Curly Pudding - but that's another story.

I started on a twist out, with my new found hope and anxiety. After I finished up the twists, I let my hair air dry a little bit, and then tied my hair with a silk scarf.
The next morning I woke up my hair was STILL wet (dub-tee-eff?!?!). This is the saaaame exact thing that happened when I tried the curly pudding, and remembering this began to upset me because I should've known better but yet I insisted on giving them another try. Ugh!

I was set on letting my hair out though so I sat under the dryer and let my hair dry while I anticipated the events of the evening : )

When my hair dried, I started to take the twists out and I was slightly disappointed : (. My hair was frizzy! If it's one thing I hate is adding product to my hair and it still comes out frizzy! I could've used Eco Styler gel for all that! But I wanted to give Miss Jessie's another try.

Will I purchase this product again? Highly unlikely. Gonna add this to the list. I've tried the curly pudding before and the only thing I liked about it was my hair smelling like grape, everything else was a disappointment. My hair felt like it would never dry, and I didn't get any definition AT ALL. Normally I ignore these products due to the ingredients but they boast to be the best curl creme, so I gave them a chance and well...sigh!

I tried the 'poo before as well as the conditioner, it was ok..nothing special. If I had to choose between them and other products, the other products would be in my shopping bag. The only product I see myself trying from them again is the Quick Curls. I tried it before and it curled my hair while wet but when it dried it was dry and flaky, but i'm willing to give it another try. Hey! maybe i'm a sucker for disappointment, who knows? I'll let you know after I try it again lol.

Have you ever tried any of Miss Jessie's products? If yes, which one? and did you like it..lemme know..
BTW - I did get my henna, from Lush. Post about that coming soon : )


Tashana said...

Can't wait to see your post on Henna. I also saw your comment on the ApHogee product that you said you'd giveaway since it didn't work out for you. I think I might try it and this is crazy, but I'm new to being natural (and certainly a PJ) so I would gladly take it off your hands to test out my results with out. Just let me know :)

Thanks for reading.

Miss Medi DiJah said...

Hey Tashana, thanks for reading : ) send me an email: with your deets and I will gladly send it to you dear. And as for the henna..i'm gonna do it again this week then do a proper review so stay tune : )

- DiJah

Kenzie Leigh said...

ive been wanting to get the henna from lush for a while but really havent had time to sit and actually do it. what color did you get??? cant wait for the post on how it turned out!

Miss Medi DiJah said...

Hey Kenzie! I got the 'caca noir" which is henna + indigo. I'm going to do my hair tomorrow and will post my results either Sunday or Monday. The last time I did it, my hair felt great! but I didn't want to write a post based off 1 experience, so I waited. Will definitely post the results so be sure to check back, and thanks for visiting : )