Friday, February 17, 2012

The Pencil Promise.

On Monday I had the opportunity to sit down with a lovely woman by the name of Susan Barron Trenk. She is the founder of The Pencil Promise, a '1 for 1' non profit organization that supplies children in difficult regions with backpacks and school supplies so they can attend school fully equipped.

After introducing myself and a lil small talk about my name's origin, where I'm from and how I ended up sitting across from her (lol), she began telling me about their last trip to Kenya, which they just got back from in January.

The bags that The Pencil Promise donated to the children were made by the Maasai women in Kenya, which not only provides bags for the children but also keeps the women employed, isn't that great news? Especially since there was a point in time when women were not able to work, they were married off at a young age and that was all they had to their name - wife & mother.

Throughout our talk, I kept thinking about how I could spread the word about such a great organization, and blogging definitely came to mind..I would also love to work with them personally besides blogging, because I believe that this is a great cause and every effort put in, is worth it.
The Pencil Promise not only visits Kenya, they've also been to Phnom Penh, Cambodia to deliver backpacks as well.

For more information on The Pencil Promise, please click the highlighted link and check out their site, as well as like and browse their Facebook page, believe me, you will be inspired to make a difference, and by a difference, I mean - purchasing a backpack so that two can be added to the batch to be sent to whichever country they are planning to visit next.

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