Saturday, October 17, 2009

Proud ah ure bleaching??

As my granny woulda say "yes lawd ah yah it deh!"
uhm, what can I say? uhm.. ladies who's bleaching, fret not Lisa Trype Hype got your back.
She recently voiced a song about being proud of her bleaching and she's also giving directions if you're skin "fassy fassy" what you can do to make it better. uhm..ya...take a listen =/

Which jackrabbit allowed her to voice any songs whatsoever this shit?
People! love yourself, bleaching your skin will only harm you in the long/ short run. DONT DO IT!


Ms Ida said...

Bahaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa!! Yo... I LOVE your strike out features!! DWL!

I take it you don't like Lisa Hype much...

Ms Ida said...

But on the bleaching thing... I just don't get it and probably NEVER will. I LOVE my dark complexion... LOVE LOVE LOVE. But if I had a $1 for how many times I've heard "you're pretty for a dark girl" I'd be rich.

I'm about to invest in bleaching products stocks!! LOL.

M.E.D.I said...

nah not a fan, have yet to hear anything worth listening from her.
yes u must invest in bleaching products, u'll be rich!
and hair products (perm,wigs etc..) will neva poor LOL