Saturday, October 17, 2009

New Muzik: Wale feat. Rihanna

this landed in my inbox this afternoon, Wale feat. Rihanna - titled: contemplate - i'm loving it, wonder who's album this will be on?
Wale's album is dropping Nov. 10th and Rihanna's on the 23rd, stay tuned.
Take a listen and lemme know if its hot or not..

*unfortunately I wasnt successful with uploading it for you to listen directly on the blog, so you gonna have to click here where you'll be able to do that as well as download the song if you like it. Enjoy!

BONUS: Timbaland feat. Drake
BONUS: Gucci Mane feat Drake
BONUS: this will be on Drake's album, Thank me Later, here's a snippet


Ms Ida said...

I actually like the Wale and Rihanna song...

With all the hype surrounding them BOTH... I hope they live up to it. :|

M.E.D.I said...

I agree