Monday, December 28, 2009

SPOTLIGHT: Up & Coming artist Dan Lou

I first heard of this artist through my friend Dre, who said I just had to hear him, and so I did. I listened to 2 of his songs and I think he has potential. I reached out to Dan Lou to ask a few questions, you know..just to see where he's coming from and find out a little more about him. Here's what he had to say:

At what age did you know that you wanted to do music?
     At age 15

Where do you get the inspiration from to write your songs?
   I get my inspirations from everyday stuff that happens around me & from other peoples life experiences. 

Who as an artistes in the biz do you look up to, and why?
   Oh wow! So many,  but if I have to name one I guess that would be Bounty Killa
   because he’s always helping to break new artiste.

Who would you like to work with in the future? and why?
  Lol again so many. I'm a real big fan of artiste & producers that make good music.
Who's album or song do you have in rotation right now?
    Rite now I'm listening  to a whole lot of beats that I'm writing for, but I love that song "Break Up To Make Up" by Jerimih 
    Big  tune dat!!!

Besides from listening, writing and recording music, what do you like to do in your personal time?
    Play basketball and Cooking.

What has been your greatest challenge thus far?
    Getting My music out there to the masses. 

1 thing you've learnt so far as an artist wanting to be in the music business that you also like to share to other up and coming artistes...?
 That it's not about the glits & the glamour, it's about work, work & more work.

I would like to thank Dan Lou for giving me the opportunity to pick his brain for a bit. Here are two of his songs, please leave a feedback and let us know what you like, dont like, any kind words, etc..

Song: In a di place (Rawtid Gal)  

Song:  Look pon da katty deh

For Booking Info Contact:
Tel:[876] 334-1521, 876-435-6453


Disk Jock Zagga said...

Mad.. Tracks are good...on Lou Big up yuhself ute.

Anonymous said...
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Lisandra Marshall said...

sounds real good dan lou... and yes u r a real good cook. i am a fan of the chic foot soup. lol

Bobby said...

well i have never been a big fan of dancehall music,, mainly becos really only a hand full will really survive the first yr....notwithstanding his music is current and sounds like all the others... i hope he has versatility becos hardcore dj is a short life.......bigup still yute.... mek him know say social commentary and less gal.....

Anonymous said...

gwaan cuzzin you bad man,keep it up.
Up comming artist peolpe!! said...

Did u do the interview? Very well done again!!

Anonymous said...

I listened to the songs and I totally agree, he has what it takes to be one of the top stars. Great work so far Dan Lou keep it up!! Coming from Biggzz.

DJ Q said...

Wicked Tunes... Big-up


Ms. Ida said...

Well done!

Much success to Dan Lou

sadiki said...

yow di man have a strong voice and some good lyrics, definately one to watch for the new year.....inda remind me of buju.....big up yur self yute and gwaan hold di faith!!!!!!!!......boookam!!!!

kirkylemon said...

dan lou to the world. the man song them hard. him need to jus continue on this path cause a girl we say all the time but two gun tune can gwan 2. big up yo self me DAN LOU!!