Thursday, December 31, 2009

Lisa you flop uself

When I first heard Lisa Hype's song I was wondering if this girl mad or wha, then I remembered its the same thing Kartel did after Sting 2k8 ( Last man standing ) so I figured she was only taking a leaf out of 'her daddy' book.

The song is not all that, matter of fact its shit. No catch phrase, nothing to make me laugh at, NOTHING. 

I was also wondering why would she dis some of the ladies she dissed (esp. Tifa, who she even said bought her a drink for her b'day). 
While everybody was wondering why Lisa did this, and was even saying that such and such shouldn't reply, I said I wanted Timberlee to answer her. I think some people have slept on Timmi and dont realize that Timberlee can hold her own (which I'm sure some of the other ladies who were dissed can too) but Timmi & Spice I wanted to reply.
My wish was granted and Spice replied! haha, and all I gotta say is IT BADDDDDDDDDDDDDDD! yes Lisa swipe u can retire now!

btw- eventhough Timberlee didn't reply, I love this song from her, and I believe if she even do over this song or even " No  Stress" , those 2 songs can dun Lisa, #justsaying hehe ☺

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