Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Get your ROCAWEAR Barbie here

For all the people complaning that there's no black barbies around ( Nicki Minaj no included ), have no fear, an official Black Barbie is here.
Rocawear will be releasing a collection of black barbies to commemorate their upcoming 10th year anniversary. Not sure when exactly the dolls will be on shelves but here's a picture of what they will look like.

So, who will be ordering this for their daughter?

Thanks to The Rundown for the pic.

"The dynasty continues, y'all die" - Hov

3 comments: said...

I feel that you are a little prejudice, why didn't you have the Beyonce Barbie? Eff Rockawear, I wanna the Miss Carter barbie that's the real Rock! lol

Now u know this is on every little hoodrat list dwl

Anonymous said...

mi want a beyonce and riahanna life size is it available ,,hahahaha......bobby ct

Ms. Ida said...

I don't even like to see the self proclaimed ones running around the place much less a Rocawear one!!

Jay-Z need fi go find sittin fi do. Cho!