Thursday, November 12, 2009

oh the hypocrisy

for the last couple of days something has really been irking me and i know it really shouldnt, just for the simple fact what has been bothering me is something i cannot avoid nor ignore in life, also for the fact that this sooooo do not have anything to do with me BUT i owe no one nothing in life, so i can say what i want and sleep peacefully for 3hrs..yea..screw you ambien, i want my money back..

so uhm yea..
on twitter..oh yes i tweet..or twit, wat da fuk eva..
on twitter i been realizing how hyprocritical some folks are and its irking me to the level where i just wanna blast ppl.
it all started with mr lexx's case, ok, im no fan of rapists but i hate to apologise or look like a fool so i do my best  not to talk out the ass so i wait for the full 100 uzeet!
anywho..i've been seeing alot of ppl talking sideways and insinuating ish about lexxus and im not feelin it..seriously im not. and if anyone who cares is reading this, i am soo not lexxus' friend, dont know the man, never met him and only connection i have to him is loving his 1st album and that is all, but some folks gonna NOT know the full100 but insinuating stuff? is there something u know that we dont?? if so u need to talk n stop giving blind hints or whatever it is u think u do..hmm!!!

jahcure - he got into some hot water this weekend in trinibad, AGAIN i see mawfukkas doing the slick thing..AND to top it off, what melted my ice was when a certain person went n found out the backstory (thank u wendy williams for giving me that word rite rite you doing?)
yea..a certain someone made a few calls ( i guess ) but still made a big stink about the situation and instead of clearing ish up or turn this story into a positive one, that person quick fast in a bl**dkl**t hurry run to blog about it. hmm..
i understand the world of blogging, and the need to be the "u read it first" site for ratings n ish BUT i just feel like dancehall's been getting a strong strong fight yard & abroad (hello govt heads who looking for a scapegoat and buju's gay rights lovers - yes u, u hate, but u love him, afterall u pay more attention to him more than anything..) recently so why would u even do this? and u call yourself reggae/dancehall ambassador..smh..

nowwwww today to rasss..julian..big up urself lol..i luv to hate the ish u do lol..i mean without ure tweet us folks not living in JA wouldnt have known about munga's situation so fast..for me anyways..

but yea..the mutha-luvin hypocrisy! so,  why didnt i see the wolves out tonite?? i saw everything but the big gunz..i saw ppl wanting to know what happened, but i honestly didnt see the wolves like i saw for other artistes who've been in unfortunate situations recently..hmm

oh yea b4 i end (king of the hill bout to come on, i luv ranting but king of the hill rocks hehe) i jus wanna say this business is full of wolves (as life is) and to anyone reading this (if u care) take the time to know a person before you befriend them, regardless of what they can do for u, or help u do..mark my words, because they will turn on you if you're ever in an unfortunate situation, and oh they will, either that or they badmouth u behind ure back..

not to say that cleanhearted ppl doesnt exist in this business, cause i've seen, met, dealt wih and heard about alot but i would still suggest getting to know a person from afar if you can..

oh and least but not last ..
serani album sales anyone?
kartel's album drop and the whole internet in a frenzy..everybody buzzin, making jokes n poppin shit, etc..serani album drops and mums the word? really? that's how y'all do it?

oh and kartel's manager need to chill, serani sold ~1121, your artist sold 8 in the first week, popping shit bout serani while ure artist did that #, uhm yea papi...i would chill.

i dont get it tho, dancehall on a whole needs a extra push but instead y'all choose to pull each other down when the opportunity presents itself? hmm..

3 comments: said...

anything else on ur mind? lol

Ms Ida said...

Dijah my dear... I know you could only hold it but for so long. I agree with everything you wrote... I'm still surprised at the BLATANT hypocricy shown by so many. Like I said on twitter last night... I'm gonna stay in MY LANE!!! I can't account for anyone else but Ida!!

M.E.D.I said...

lol Malaika, not right now but who's what will happen in 5 minutes lol.

Yea Ida, me too, staying in my lane cause jahkno...sigh