Sunday, November 15, 2009

UPDATED: And the crowd goes goo goo for GAGA & Beyonce's new video: 'video phone'

Check out Lady Gaga posing for Hello Kitty's 35th anniversary layout..nice huh?
She also released the extended remix for Beyonce's 'video phone', listen &download below:

Video phone:

Get it here

They also collaborated for Gaga's up coming/ re-released album.


like it? want it? get it...-->here<--

Beyonce & Gaga did shoot the vid for 'video phone', was supposed to be released the night Rihanna did her 20/20 interview, im guessing Beyonce's team realized the power of #rihannasforehead and fell back on the release date, and with her album dropping and the buzz behind that, wonders when will it be released?
Until's Gaga's new video

yea.. talk shit all you want but Gaga & her team are creative as fcuk!

Dear Gaga, next time I see you I am sooo gonna jack yo ish..k bye

UPDATED: 11/16/09: Ladies & Gents, the much awaited video, Beyonce featuring Lady Gaga - Video Phone!

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Anonymous said... it.......................gaga n her team VERY CREATIVE & DIFFERENT