Monday, November 16, 2009

The Ananda Alert Program

How many of you know about the Ananda Alert Program?

A friend of mine asked this question on his facebook status and I decided to ask others as well. I took to various outlets (facebook, msn, twitter) and asked and only 1 person knew of the Ananda Alert. (smh)

The Ananda Alert Program was launched in May of  this year after 11 yr old Ananda Dean who was living in the White Hall Avenue area, went missing and decomposed body was later  found in the upper St. Andrew area of Cyprus Hall in 2008. 
To this day, Ananda's killer(s) are still loose running wild and doing God knows what. *sigh*

According to the Jamaica Gleaner, roughly 1206 children have been missing since September. So sad.

This is where I take the time out to do my part; if you are reading this please spread the word about the Ananda Alert Program, if you're interested in doing something to help lower the number of missing children please spread the word, visit the website : or  text 'HELP' to (876) 444-2432 where you can register your phone number to be on the list so that whenever a child goes missing you're alerted immediately, you never know, you might be able to save a life and yes before you start to question the texting thing, it is free to register your number and the incoming text is free!

NB: To all my American folks, this is a Jamaican version of the 'Amber Alert' and I urge you to register and educate yourself about that as well, as any information given is 1 step into saving a life, also, if you know any Jamaicans, and you feel the need to register so you can keep your friends in the loop. go ahead and do so, again, the text is FREE, so it wouldnt hurt to be in this loop.

Thank you.


Anonymous said...

Love this...........this is a great idea. Didnt know Jamaica had this alert!!!

Anonymous said...

dijah ur blog is so amazing!!! ur spreading the word and thats good, I didnt know about this alert in jamaica but it is a good one and I hope it starts to decrease the number of kids that go missing as well as help to return some safely home!! (lovelycia!!) said...

OMG i didnt know about this, wow, the word needs to be spread, thanks mami for shedding light! said...

I know I commented already but I came back for more of ur blog of course, but to re read this alert, I don't understand why everyone doesnt know about it, smh