Thursday, October 22, 2009

uhmm..lil wayne??

Whoaaaa!!!!!!! what in sam hell is going on????
After peeping Charlamagne's rant about Lil Wayne, I was curious as to why he was going in like that, then he posted a link to a youtube clip where Lil Wayne was giving an interview for Ozone Mag and somewhere in the interview they ask about his teardrops tat and he explained that he asked his mom if he could have one even though he had already did it, and she also wanted to know how he looked with it because she wanted one for herself... HMMMM...momma?
(btw- he could be lying about that since he did lie about his mother telling him at 14 to go impregnate someone just so she could have a grandchild..check Vibe's archives for it i'm too lazy right now..)

Anyways...after that he started mentioning murdering ppl, children, families, etc...
peep the rant below..

After listening to this, uhmm..yea..fuck weezy! will never listen another weezy song, will never hear me pushing a weezy song EVER AGAIN.
oh and he's going to jail in Feb. dont drop the soap bitch!

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