Friday, October 2, 2009


Happy Friday y'all!!! wooohooo!

I dont know about you but I couldnt wait for Friday to come :)

And since my homegirl's here from Iraq for a few, I'm gonna make sure she has a jolly ol' time. Starting our weekend off right, tonight we having a NUVO night. Yep I said it, *rick james voice* it's a celebration b*tches! hehe.

Here's a nuvo recipe for the ladies:
the Sparkling Sunset
3 oz. NUVO
3 oz. Pineapple Juice
Garnish with fresh fruit
*Served in a highball glass over ice
Men, I didnt forget you..
this one was created for the most part by rapper Fabolous.
Black Code:
3 oz. NUVO
Splash of Hennessy
Garnish with a lime
*Served in a rocks glass
But please remember, if you're gonna drive...DONT DRINK. And if you do drink, call somebody to drive you home. Thank you! enjoy ya weekend.
ya girl
Miss DiJah


Anonymous said...

tell me now a who a go look bout dat? i will wait till mi reach some fi mi. *bulla*

Jay said...

@missmedidijah thats nice lil blog about drink recipes appreciate that