Friday, October 30, 2009

Speak on it Beans PLUS Jay-Z responds AND Beanie came back for a moment of clarity

Last weekend Beanie Sigel was called up on stage by Jadakiss while in Philly for the Powerhouse concert (good look), and feeling patriotic (as he should), Beans did a few throwback songs, to remind the crowd why he's Mack b*tch!, and in the end he did a freestyle, in response to a few tracks Jay did on his BP3 album.
Here's a clip of his performance

If you dont know, he's talking about this Jay track (and a few others) that Jay did on BP3, take a listen and try to spot the shots

*whew* after the show alot of blogs were buzzing with speculations so between last night and this morning Beans released his open letter song to Jay as well as did an interview to speak about the whole situation.
Here's the track, titled: Average Cat

Beans is pouring his heart out on this track. check Miss Info for the lyrics.
And here's the interview he did this morning with Charlamagne. ...listen here

all I gotta say is WOW, Jay &Dame looking like Puff Daddy right now. I mean Beanie Sigel is a grown ass man so technically Jay's not responsible for him but they could have done things waaaay different, and for Jay to call the boys for backup at the show last week was real f*cked up, I can see why Beans is feeling some type of way towards him, but dont take my opinion and turn it into yours, listen the tracks and the interview and form your own..
I will quote Mack tho..."many people will walk in and out your life, but only true friends leave footprints on your heart"

*UPDATE* At the Blueprint 3 Press Conference yesterday (10/30/09 since I am updating this in the wee hrs of Saturday morn lol) Jay-Z addressed the Beanie Sigel situation, in this clip he said so much but yet so little, peep here:

Jay-Z answers Beanie Sigel from la rue du hiphop on Vimeo.

ohhhhhhh boi! i'm guessing this saga will not go away.
After Jay-Z 'clarified' some of Beans' situation last weekend, Curtis Jackson (50 cent) went on Power 99 radio station last night (Nov. 3rd.) to promote his album ' Before I Self Destruct' and brought Beanie Sigel up to speak more on the situation.
*whew* ok ready? spoke on Jay saying he had a record label, clothing line etc..and still didnt go platinum etc. In this interview Beans came back to clarify all that with saying, he did the record label on his own, again spoke on Jay & Dame buying out State Property clothing behind his back, also them giving him a Bentley but not giving it to him paid in full, he had to pay the car note even though it was given as a gift (lol)...followed by 50's "right, yea, uh-huh", you know, all that of an instigator lol.
Beans also spoke on a line Jay said in his song "Thank You", "lucky lefty, kiss the wife for me", which Beans believes he's talking about Dame Dash and his divorce situation. Chris & Neef who had the hottest song at the time (Roc the Mic, which Jay took over & produced a tour out of) getting paid $1250 to split with each other) sighhhh, this is too much for me, so check it, listen it here

This is really alot to deal with, I appreciate Beanie Sigel speaking on the situation though because somehow I feel like even though they do no owe their fans anything, the fans wanted to know what exactly went down and it coming from Beans seems right, there's 3 side to a story but Dame & Bigz is not speaking about it so i'll settle for Beanie's break down lol.
And yes Jay, Beans is a grown ass man and everyone is responsible for themselves but how you give a thug all these opportunity and not show him what to do with the opportunity? sigh...

*UPDATE* Dame Speaks!!!!

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