Thursday, October 29, 2009


With Sting just around the corner, words are flying across the airwaves and i decided to put together my own version of Art of War featuring some of my favorites artistes( hehe )

To start the medley off, even though he's not in any feud (that I know of) I present to you Aidonia: Duppy Dem, just because I love this song..

To download this song click here

Next up is The Teacha - Dem Fraida Me

To download, click here

Of course Sting wouldn't be Sting without The Warlord going at Beenie Man & Kartel

Download here

There was also rumors flying around about Kartel having a tongue ring and of course Addi wouldnt be Addi if he didnt respond, so here it is; titled: Nuh Bore Tongue

Download here

For now that's it in terms of 'clashing' but I have 2 more songs that i'm rockin to right now..

 Aidonia & Suhverto - Wi Siiiiick ... big up Ms. Ida from HypeZoneMag, (the magazine Donia got in his hand. check out her site y'all--> <-- nuff respect!

Busy Signal - Any how dem dis

Lately i've been seeing alot of ppl talking smack about clash tunes like they not the same one jumping up and clapping for the artist, making noise and some of them even boost the clash, I have no words for them, chatty mout dem..anyways..if only Sting clashes could be like this..

this clash wasn't all that but it cracked me up for a bit. Let's hope Sting 2009 will be bigger and BETTER!

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