Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Empire State of Mind

Its been a crazy week in NY. Jay-Z & Alicia Keys has been filming the video for their song 'Empire State of Mind' all over the city ( Yankee Stadium, Harlem, forty duece (42nd st.) and many other places..). Here are a few pics of the duo as well as behind the scenes footage.
 (p.s- im luvin Ms. Keys Louboutins, work it gurl!)

As promised:

also, peep this cover of Da Vibe magazine.
Da Vibe changed their cover in honor of Blueprint 3 release, with the headline " Is Jay-Z bigger than hip-hop?"
Tell me what you think of this cover
(note: I didnt see this cover on the shelves yet, as soon as I do I will be copping my own copy)

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Andre said...

tuff. like the art work.