Thursday, October 8, 2009

Calling all crackberry addicts

All you crackberry addicts must be jumping for joy right about now.
The Blackberry Bold 2 aka the Onyx will be released on October 21st so rest assure addicts, you will have a new bberry before or for xmas, aren't you happy?! lol.
If you dont know, this bberry will be the crackberry addicts dream (maybe), with the removal of the trackball, you will now have a touchpad driven d-pad, so that definitely omits the trackball issue.
I can see it now, all you people standing at a corner bbm-ing each other. smh lol.

1 question: why do you feel the need to upgrade EVERYtime a new blackberry comes out tho? idunno, jus askin lol

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