Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Dear Universe, I hear ya!

Have you ever felt like the universe is trying to tell you something but it's not what you want to hear?

Ok so...Over the weekend I cut my hair. I've been feenin' for a hair cut for a while now but I didn't want one that wouldn't allow me to put my hair in a bun. Anyways...fast forward to this weekend after my henna treatment, instead of waiting till I hit the salon, I decided to cut my hair myself. At first I was like, oh ok...I dig it, until I realize that my hair was not going to be in a bun no time soon *insert sad puppy dog face here*

I've been sulking for days, which is really weird because again, I really do like my haircut, BUT being that I don't normally wear my hair out..yea..this is why i've been sulking. But then today I after reading Taneicia's blog, where I realized that she's sharing the same sentiment as I am after her cut, I decided that maybe it's the universe trying to tell me something.

You see...everyone loves when I wear my hair out, but I don't. My hair is VERY thick, and I can resemble Chewbacca, and sometimes Cousin Thing in a bad setting, so I try my best not to let that happen, but I do wear my hair out..just not often. So anyways..after reading Taneicia's blog, I chopped it up to the universe saying "baby girl, you've been natural for damn near 7 yrs and you've never really enjoyed wearing your hair out, but here you are, trying new things (henna) and you decided to cut your hair, so why not enjoy it?" And I said, "you know what universe? you are right!" So..I've decided, no more sulking, enough bitchin'.. I will be enjoying my hair cut at all costs and on the days that i'm not..there's always my trusty beanie :D

I know some would say "Oh DiJah, it's just hair!" but to me it's not. My hair is my identity. It is just hair, but i'm not defined as much, and when people describe you, they have so many things and at times your hair is one of the things that helps to describe who you are, I know for me, I stand out in many circles because often times i'm the only natural in that setting.
I say all that to say, as this blog grows, I hope to show more of my hair and what i've learned in terms of taking care of it - maybe I can help someone out there, who knows? : )

Take it easy y'all!

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