Sunday, October 10, 2010

Marsha Ambrosius – The Ballad of Hope She Cheats: Sex So Good

Hey everyone :)
I decided to take it back, way back... back when it was just me and my pen and my piano. "Hope She Cheats" is living the life at radio right now :) so happy, billboard charted and all, my little boo boo of a song, the little engine that almost never was :) thanx UStream Fam :) thanx Canei Finch & Clutch :) that was an interesting evening :) Look at how it all turned out now ;)
        When I initially wrote the song, I heard it really mellow and jazzed out, similar to how I 1st performed it at SOB's :) and this is exactly what I did :)

After UStreamin last night, sat there at the keys and went in, didn't mean to be up till 7AM but ahh well :) for me, well worth it :)
          Un-mixed of course but will be at a later date...
I created this for those who don't know I write and produce :) for those who want a glimpse of who I am :)

The chords, the harmonies, the cow bell LOL even the thunder storm :) I've been making songs like this for a while now :) BRITS Performing Arts School knows that :) Good old 92' :)

- Marsha

DOWNLOAD: Marsha Ambrosius – The Ballad Of Hope She Cheats: Sex So Good

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