Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Nicki Minaj ft. Sean Garett - Massive Attack vid

The household Barbie premiered her first official video earlier on EBT err i mean BET.
The vid is hot, but I honestly cant tell you what the hell she rapping about but I did gather she got 'toms toms' over there (err Nicki..Tom Tom?, as in gps? lmfao..i slay myself) lol..

Barbies & Kens, without further adieu, Massive Attack

Quick Question: Can anyone tell me why MTV passed on airing this video? I hope they didnt use the 'raunchy' card because I've seen Beyonce in skimpier shit than this and they play dat b*tch like a commercial, not to mention Lady Gaga...hmm..

....and because i know a few barbies lurk on this lil ol' ya go massive attack when u click this link

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