Tuesday, March 2, 2010

"Mi lef because dem a violator " says Blak Ryno

Woie woie woie!!
I leave the computer for a few hrs and came back to this?! my my..ppl, Blak Ryno mek chune! Ryno seh him lef cause him ketch di rake. Take a listen...:

"How yuh mean mi confuse? u nuh hear she mi lef? a you deaf!"
"Ryno neva lef true paper...mi lef because dem a violator..."
"mi get a phone call, Ryno come a meeting, but mi neva dat a weh me do.."

Well...your thoughts?
I dunno bout everything but I do remember reading in the Jamaica Star last Friday where they quoted Kartel as saying
"Ryno is, in my analysis, a confused individual going through some sort of post-adolescence trauma, where in his pursuit to find himself is getting his priorities mixed up and as a result, is making decisions in a subconscious, bewildered state of mind."
So, I'm guessing that's where Ryno is saying he's not confused.
You can read the rest of that interview here

Alrighty then....
Not even a day pass and already Empire young gunner Popcaan released this song titled "Dem Sell We Out"

SMH..a dat really a gwaan pon what a gwaan? I wonder if di Daddi gonna make a song too? would be interesting...

Either way I wish Blak Ryno all the best as well as the remaining members of Portmore Empire

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