Wednesday, March 3, 2010

How was last night you ask?

..well, first lemme shoutout LJ for my ticket, thanx babe, this was THE BEST b'day gift EVER!

Now..lemme start off by saying I've never been to a show at The Garden b4 so I wasnt sure what to expect. Last show I went to was at Nokia Theatre and they have no seating arrangements (we stood up for the whole show) so therefore it was 1st come, front row..ya dig?
Yea so, I went to MSG 2hrs before the show started just to be on the safe side. When I got there I realize there was no line, you walk in to the waiting area and that was it.
Waiting time was nothing, it went by sooo fast.
When I did get to my seat, I was there for an hr chilling b4 showtime. During that time I was wondering where everybody else was..I guess I'm the only one who didnt get the memo that at MSG you're guaranteed your seat.

Anyways...SHOWTIME! and ya boy Trey Songz opened up the show. His set was good, he really improved on his stage performance, I love it! (and I cant wait to see him again @ Roseland Ballroom later this month hehe)

Trey brought a chick on stage to sip champagne with him, little did she know he wanted her to SAY AHH lol, and this is when da boy Loso in case you aint  know so came out..Can I tell you it was a zoo?? *Fab voice* niice!

After Fab & Trey, was intermission...

Not long after came Hovi baby!

I dont think I need to tell you that went, but in case you're a lil bit slow...IT WAS PANDEMONIUM (as expected)
I'll post videos when I wake..

After Hov took a break, Jeezy came out and did his set, Jeezy ran thru joints from TM101 and 102. I thought I knew alot of Jeezy's raps but there was a teenage blanquito beside me, can I tell you dude knew every song word for word? niiice!
Jeezy then went on to give Lil Wayne a shoutout (supposedly Wayne started his 1 yr bid today...) and so he brought out the Barbie, Miss Nicki Minaj to rep for Wayne but in no time out came Lil Wayne himself! haha..1 yr bid my ass..They performed "I'm going in" and guess who showed up?....go ahead..guesss...

yep! Drizzy!. Drizzy is a rule breaker, his ass came out in full white! haha I love it! I truly didn't expect that at all. Thought Drake was still in JA but I guess he didn't want to miss sending his mentor off..

After a few more songs, out came Akon to do that song, cant remember the name.."if you looking for me you can find me on the block disobeying the law.." yea that one.

When they exited the stage out came Hov again, he brought out Trey for "Heart of The City" and Bridgette Kelly for "Empire State of Mind"

Great show! and Hov cracking on the audience made my night.
If you're familiar with his set then you know at the end he tries his best to spot you no matter how far up you are. Well...there was someone in front row in lime green outfit, and Hov spotted them and said "shoutout to the dude wearing lime green, I wouldnt have worn that but hey, that's just me" lol..lots more jokes. If you missed it you're a lame (except LJ)

He also did a few joints from Reasonable Doubt, which homie beside me surprised me again when he was going word for word with Jay on "Can I Live"..shoutout to him. vid of that coming later too..

P.S- vids coming later, i'm off to either 40/40 or M2

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