Monday, March 22, 2010

For Dre..

Just when I was about to question Lady Saw's existence in the biz, she popped up with this! in true Lady Saw form, she never dissappoints.

"mi neighbor next door..dem hear wen di lion a roar..sweat a run an di juice start pour..mi nuh care gimmi more pon more.."

To download the Gyptian on the same riddim (that's been hotting up HOT 97 & Angie Martinez's hot spot might i add..) click here

And here for the Lady Saw version, if you like..

Also..there's this chick who goes by the name 'Mogla" who's rumored to be Gyptian's ex, who did this "counteraction" to Gyptian's song...listen/download here if you feeling it..

2 comments: said...

LADY SAW IS THE BEST!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Miss Medi DiJah said...

yes she isssss