Monday, March 22, 2010

Drake performs 'Over'

The 'great white hope' was down in Mexico (lets hope he didnt loose his blackberry this time) for MTV's spring break. He stopped by to perform 'Over', take a peek:

Dear Drake, I see that all you're songs are starting to sound the same as of late (you did it without a deal, you did it while you're young/ overnight, you aint going anywhere, etc...) papi if this is what you're on for the album, dont play yourself, I will walk past BestBuy in a heartbeat ok? #getittogetherson!

4 comments: said...

ok so now i got to tell you to hush yourself, 1. he is from canada like I.
2. he is a mutt like me.
3. my daughters are gaga over him thus i have to listen to his music all day, thus ive grown to like him.
4. in case he reads this, i am a cougar, roooooaaaaaaarrrrrrrrrr.
5. *sigh* as far as mainstream hip hop i dig his music as oppose to wacka flocka

Miss Medi DiJah said...

uhm hello Miss Worldflavas!!!
1- he is a mutt like me
2- I love his mixtapes, i have all of them, official AND unofficial since 2006
3- in case he reads this, I am his wife in training so step aside like Beres Hammond told you lmfao
4 - I prefer him over Gucci, Wacka and majority of what comes out of Atlanta so what you saying?? lol!

I truly mean what I said and I think because i've heard all his mixtapes that I came up with that and I cannot be biased..all his music (when he raps) is starting to sound the same, so he better practice the art of switching up else he wont get my $9.99 and instead it will be $FREE.99 ..#realtalk said...

what you mean you will get it free? You pay for music? Music is being sold? really? lol

Miss Medi DiJah said...