Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Dearest Hallow Point, we dont believe you.. need more ppl.

The Jamaica Star is reporting that off again/ on again more off than on DJ Hallow Point crashed into a wall outside his home last week.
They are also reporting that the artist, crashed a week prior to that (smh) and his reason for this recent crash is:
"I was test riding the bike after the first accident. The gear lever did get damage and I got it fixed and was riding to test it. When mi hold it down, no gear. A straight inna a wall mi go. Mi head chop, a mi skull mi a look pon" he said.
Well...Hallow Point, i'm not one to gossip BUT heard from a good good source a while back that you love the brown bottle more than di singa SOOOOO babycakes, i'm gonna have to give you a side eye on your explanation and ask you to put down the henny ok?? Dont feel no way babes, i'm only a blogger and a stranger to you.
Also, I know tons of bikers, experienced and inexperienced and before I guessed, I asked, and all said if they were in your situation they would've hopped off the bike, so babes...why didnt you???
Glad you are you are ok now though, but please take my foolish advice ok? and come back to music...dont know why you disappeared for the umteenth time..

Read the full article here

BTW - if you didnt read this article, would you have remembered Hallow Point?

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