Saturday, February 6, 2010

"money cant buy life" - Bob Marley

It is said that the above qoute was the last words Bob Marley said to his son Ziggy before he passed away.

Today would've been Marley's 65th. birthday. Happy bornday Mr. Marley!
kinda weird saying that to someone who passed but still, respect is due.

My top 3 favorite songs from Bob Marley are: Satisfy my soul, Exodus & Ride natty ride; pre the vids below =)

"When I meet you around the corner, you make me feel like a sweepstake winner " - Satisfy My Soul.

"Open your eyes, and look within, are you satisfied, with the life you're living" - Exodus

"No matter what games they play, we've got something they can never take away - its the fire! that's burning down everything" - Ride natty ride

Everytime I listen my Bob Marley cds, I always wonder what would he say about the state of reggae/dancehall music right now..hmm..

Rest in Peace Mr Marley.

P.S: its also my sister Danae's bornday, Happy bornday babes

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