Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Dearest Darlings, another track from Janelle Monae..

Dearest Darlings,
I hope this message finds your hearts beating well. As I type this to you, I am sitting in my room, rubbing my feet through the grass, watching snow fall in Atlanta, sipping on Wonda-punch made last night, and listening to an EMOTION PICTURE entitled, "The ArchAndroid." I must admit, I am feeling very wild inside, and pleasantly distracted by the music from this album.
I know that some of you may have been patiently waiting on a sign from me—hell, about anything. Especially new music. Well, to my truest supporters (both "new" and "been down") I will be releasing my album this May 18th, 2010, a follow up to "Metropolis, Suite I of IV: The Chase." :-) Yes, it is finished and yes, I am ready to give it to you.
I must admit once more, I have been very nervous/anxious, yet proud/excited to share it with you. You can imagine how overjoyed I am that you will finally hear what we’ve been working on for years. At Wondaland, we poured our hearts and minds into this until as they say in church, “all hearts and minds were clear.”
The time has come. The time is now.
Over the course of the next few months, The Mad Minds of The Wondaland Arts Society and I will be giving you samples of positive ions from this hand-crafted Emotion Picture. This is to prepare your palette for "The ArchAndroid." This week, we have decided to start you off with "Tightrope" and "Cold War."
I hope these songs touch you like they've touched me. While listening to "Tightrope" you may want to move. You may feel compelled to dance. You may associate this song with an addictive dance and share it with your friends, family, and enemies. You may even get in touch more with your inner confidence. In fact, you MAY even want to slap somebody. Hopefully it helps you with your balance... life's balance.
While listening to "Cold War," you may feel obligated or inclined to find your purpose. You may want to form a huge tribe to help fight against the many things that work against you being your true self, just the way you were uniquely designed. You may even begin to dance while thinking, with a furrowed brow. You may begin to feel an increased responsibility to helping others free themselves from depravity.
You may have a unique experience with the songs, all your own. If any of these things happen, remember, it's ok. :-)
I pray you listen with an open spirit that’s ready to receive a new thing. I hope this music encourages your heart to love stronger, your feet to run faster, and your dreams to birth a new reality.
The songs are here:
Love forever,
Janelle Monáe

P.S. This music is yours now. Own it.