Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Dame Dash, the modern day Christopher Columbus

So, Im scrolling thru the Observer's site, as I do on a regular and I see this headline [ Hip Hop's Damon Dash makes the Judgement Yard sojourn ] and I thought hmm..let me read this effery.

So basically Dame is visiting Jamaica for the first time. Hmm...didnt he sign ( or gave him a distribution deal) Sizzla a couple yrs ago? this is really his first time in J.A? wow! talk about being interested..

He went on to explain about his trip..
"The wind blew me here, I pride myself on being an innovator and I want to come here first... before everybody else catches on and realises that Jamaica is the place to be,"
Oh and he met Usain Bolt's father, and ate yam! oh em gee, yam, something that doesnt exist in the states *roll eyes*
"I visited Bolt's father and it was such a great experience. Actually, the deeper you go into Jamaica, the safer you feel and this is contrary to what you hear"
The Yam-
"I'm not sure if it was the first time I was eating yellow yam, but it was the first time that I was actually aware of what I was eating,"
LOL, folks crack me up, to read the full article click here
But before that, reminisce with me for a minute will ya? peep this vid..

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