Thursday, January 14, 2010

You are now rocking with Blaze FM

As of now when you visit the site you will be hearing music from Blaze FM. So now, you dont have to come, read a story and leave, you can be entertained throughout the day, how kool is that? =)

*note* if in the event you're listening to a song that I post and the radio is interrupting you, all you have to do is pause the radio and listen what you want ok.

Also..chip in and lemme know if the radio is a good idea or not. Thanks for rocking with me =)


4 comments: said...

I cant say its THE best radio station cause i reserve that for world flavas radio BUT its up there side by side, heyyyyyyyyyy Blaze.


DoN Matae-o said...

loooolool @ 1st comment, ps...I love da radio it is da shizznit and da blogspot is da boss

Anonymous said...

Blaze Fm To Di World!!!....No The Universe..Ting Mad!!!

Anonymous said...

rockwildaz doing big tings!! BIG UP VENOM SOUND