Sunday, January 31, 2010

Who's performance am I looking forward to later?

well....I'm most definitely looking forward to these guys:
that's Wayne, Drake & Em btw..
yep, they were spotted last night rehearsing for the big day. I hope Drake win a Grammy, that would be epic. Shoot, being nominated is epic, and being being nominated from a mixtape is even more epic-er grand.  Good luck kid!

There's rumors that Beyonce & Gaga will be performing as well...that would be kool..
Check out B & Gaga on the set of their new vid 'Telephone'..

and since I didnt buy the dvd, nor did I go see the show, I think i'm wanna check out MJ's 3D tribute

so go get your $0.99 3D stunna shadez from Target if you dont have one at home leftover from Avatar like I do =D
..and last but not least, I cannot wait to see what Maxwell got in store for me (:

The Grammys start @ 8pm on CBS, dont miss it!

Thanks: RR

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