Friday, January 29, 2010

Queen Paula and Lisa Hype to clash??

What in tarnation is going on?

How Queen Paula fi ah clash Lisa Hype??? Queen Paula and Lisa is soooo not in the same class. I understand they are both females and they dj, BUT I think at where Paula is at her age (yes I used the age card), why would Paula clash Lisa? should'nt she be clashing Lady Saw or someone who came up in her time??

The last time I heard anything from Paula was around 'dem gal sitt'n' time, and for the record I thought that was THEEE WACKEST lines from her. I remember back in the day, only a few could touch Queen Paula when it came to lyrics but she fell off, and for that I would never expect Paula to really clash. BUT Miss Paula, if you're gonna do it, let it be done and you better do da damn thing dammit!

"Mi hear say Scorn Dem ah call up mi name when she de a Jamaica ah fret say she owe the voodoo man ah Haiti and she caan get another hit song till she pay the man him money. Lisa Hyper caan chat to me, she ah drink water outta deadman skull fi go back pon the Gaza. Money-O run outta money and gone jump the monkey ah country, and Face is a disgrace, and Stacious ah feed duppy pon the housetop after midnight. Mi come fi shake up the bag and talk out dem secret," - Queen Paula said.
"Queen Paula step up to the plate when Face and Spice dem a run so mi affi go write her off. Somebody haffi dead fi mek dem know say mi serious and ready fi kill people," Lisa Hyper told one876entertainment.
Source: One876

Well... whatever happens, I know I'll be youtube-ing the highlights along with the LA Lewis / Goofy clash.

P.S - is it safe to call Spice a coward now since she backed out of a clash with Lisa? and did anyone realize that she called out Macka Diamond as well?? when did she and Macka stop linking?? hmmm...

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