Monday, January 11, 2010

Flava in ya ear

Here comes da brand new flava in ya ear..
Brand new MONSTER headphones on the market.

<- These are the Spin Professional headphones. Engineered and artfully designed with the needs of DJs and audio professionals in mind.

For only $349, you too can be the proud owner of one.

<-- I want these!!!! *hint hint to anyone who wants to get me something* hehe.

For only $229 you can get me this, trust me I would surely appreciate it. And just think, when you purchase these, proceeds will go towards ( PRODUCT ) RED

Then you have the latest in-ear MONSTER Beats..
this one's from Lady Gaga
and look, it comes with a cutesy case to go with it

 These are for $120

There's also a Diddy version

Diddy's come in black & white and they're going for $180.
So...which one are you getting?
Check them all out here

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