Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Bronx residents step up to help the people of Haiti

This Friday, January 29th. GaryLynx and friends will be hosting a fundraiser event at HBX Studios. All proceeds will then be turned over to Yele Haiti, Food for the poor and other charities who are collecting items to be donated the the people of Haiti.

When asked why he was doing this, Gary said
" I feel as a member of the dancehall  community, this is our way of giving back. I have no direct family in Haiti but we are all brothers and sisters, and since we are our brothers keeper, I felt I had to. If this was Jamaica, I would hope they would do the same for us."

If you are in the tri state, we are asking you to come thru and show some support, and please do not come empty handed. Money is appreciated, but can goods, toiletries, clothes ( no old bruk! ) are also welcomed.

Gano Grillz from Law & Order will be hosting, alongside Bronx selector 'Troubles'. Dylan from Making the Band will also be there, my guess is he will be performing (?)

Again, if you can, please come out and show some support and donate, as our granny would say "every mickle mek a muckle.

HBX is located at 3251 3rd. Ave. off 163rd St. in the Bronx.


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