Saturday, January 9, 2010

Breaking down Jay-Z's 'On to the next one' video

When I first saw the video, i'm like "hmm...this is different". I couldnt for the life of me connect the dots with the message of "on to the next one" and this video. I watched it give and take maybe 5 times to figure it out, because a chick was lost, ya feel me? then I see baphomets, cracked skulls, ball of fire, dude face painted, oh and lets not forget the cross with the 2 bullets, chick with the swords, etc... hmmm...what was running through Jay & director Sam Brown's mind?
well, well, well, I went perusing through Miss Info's blog as I do on a regular basis, and I found this lil break down.

I'm not accusing Jay-Z of being anything BUT this play-by-play break down will make you go hmmm..
Anyways, here is what reader "actualspace" came up with.

0:16 hammer & blood = 1. hammer is a symbol in freemasonry, 2. hammer is slang for a gun “shoot to kill” 3. hammer used to nail christ to the cross, blood of jesus

0:23 ink blot of baphomet(google it)

0:36 ink blot of jesus face on shroud of turin

0:51 basket ball on fire i.e. “playing with fire”

0:57 Wooden Horse = trojan horse, using a gift/presentation to the public as deception even tho it’s mean to destroy. Look at movie “Troy” w/ brad pitt

1:18 halo aroud head, calling himself angel/jesus/god?? idk

1:40 shot at 50 cent, diamond skull from blood in sand video game and forever king mixtape, pouring blood on it = death threat

2:01 dice on fire, 2 sides with flames = 3 & 6 = triple six = 666 = satanic number

2:12 skull of baphomet, also looks demonic/satan & right before that he says “world cant hold me, too much ambition” then cut to demon skull

3:39 jesus cross inbetween 2 bullets, do you need an explanation for this one? also says “You should be afraid of what Im going to do next” right after

3:51 more baphomet skull, if you look closely looks like a man wearing a hoodie with the skull as his face
He went on to say:
Remember Jay-z is extremely intelligent, he is known for using entendres(double/triple meanings) in his music. Any fan of Jay-z would know that. <= true dat how about we watch the video again just to recap and see if we see the things he's talking bout?

                     Ok, just in case you missed it, here are a few pics from the video.

In the words of author Dan Brown "Masons are not a secret society...they are a society with secrets. Masonry is a system of morality, veiled in allegory and illustrated by symbols" hmm..
*weezy voice* my go: I agree with 'ActualSpace' Jay is known for double entendres in his music, so could it be that he's using them in his video as well? One can say he heard about the youtube videos calling him a decipticon and he's keeping up with the blogtalks so he decided to toy with their brain (he's known for that..hmmhmm), OR you could also say that he is what he is ( A Mason ) and he's not only toying with your brain but he's putting it out there for folks to say he is, OR he isn't but he's toying with your brain. (damn i lost that a triple or duadruple entendre?) either way, 1 thing's for sure..Jay sure know how to make people think (and talk).

1 comment: said...

I watched a Freemason documentary last month, and if all of it is true then Jay Z is NOT a Freemason.

Why do I say this? Freemasons are extremely secretive and one of the biggest, oldest and most important rules is not to speak on or about Freemasons to others.

So either he drops hints to make people believe he is a Freemason, thus more talk about him, publicity, etc..

Or he wishes he was a Freemason. I think that indeed he is very intelligent, so much so that if he was a part of it, he would obey and respect that covenant.