Wednesday, December 23, 2009

While BBM was down

I thought this was the funniest thing ever, I just had to blog about it lol.
So, apparently Blackberry messenger was down worldwide yesterday (and could possibly still be down).
I saw some users in distraught on twitter, I just had to share.


@RoryLeif: what did i used to do without bbm? mi cyan member me haunted now

@sharoncarpeter: so if blackberry email, bbm etc. is down, does that mean we have to go back to the old fashioned way of calls?

@prasmichel: this blackberry got me so sick i feel like i just lost a child, im going to sleep wtbc its only 10pm!!

@hustleGRL: This is the longest BBM has ever been down. I can't communicate with my family overseas :(. iPhone still aint shit

@zjmartian888: worldwide bb service is down wow......i hate iphone...its bcuz a dem...lmao

Dear BBM u are really being an ass hole right now get ur shit together asap i got my bb peeps 2 holla @ yours truly @Moosie928

@SuppaKid: now that BB is down.. the Terror Alert has been raised to level "WTF"

Im sure there's more but after laughing so hard at the bbm bickering, I just couldnt...
I hope for Blackberry's sake they have BBM up and running soon, if not, we will meet again :-)

1 comment: said...

dwl, its not as bad as when t mobile went down for 2 weeks,some people lost all their contact/data/info and still didnt get it back.

What would we do if tomorrow the internet crashed, that means email,phones,credit card machines,atms,etc...

Everything is now digital and through the web, except for old fashion land lines