Thursday, December 17, 2009

Rihanna - So Hard

*Rihanna voice* oh yea yea yea...

I wonder if the next video we see Rhi Rhi in is she gonna be completely naked? Its like her clothes keep disappearing 1 video after the other....
In her recent GQ interview, she did state the LA Reid stopped by to check out the photoshoot and had to tell her "put some fucking clothes on" can read all that here

Otherwise from that, the concept was kool, its like watching Call of Duty or Flashpoint in real time (to me anyways lol)

by the way did anyone peep the 2:17 mark when she threw up a C and then flashed it off? ha!


Ms. Ida said...

Didn't her album JUST drop?? So how come THREE videos have already been released??

She's doing too much... way too damn much.


Psoriatic said...

I dig her look when they're blowing up the sand all around... i still think those are mickey mouse ears she's wearing tho