Tuesday, November 10, 2009

The VP Records Story

The VP Records label was founded in 1979 by the late Vincent "Randy" Chin and his wife Patricia Chin, Chinese Jamaicans who owned theRandy's Records in Kingston, Jamaica (as seen in the 1978 film Rockers) as well as the Studio 17 recording studios. In the mid-1970s, the Chins moved to New York City, setting up a record store in Brooklyn called VP Records in 1975, from which they sold and distributed records. In 1979 they relocated the store to Jamaica, Queens. In 1993, the record label was formed after the success of the retail store. The name of the label is a product of the first letters in the founders' names, hence the title "VP".

VP Records has been awarded Billboard's "Best Independent Label" for two consecutive years and has received the award for "Best Reggae Imprint Label" for three consecutive years. VP was also nominated for Best Independent Reggae Label at the 2003 Billboard Hip-Hop and R&B awards, and had been mentioned and featured in publications such as Vibe magazine, New York TimesLos Angeles TimesBillboard, and Time magazine.

The label is now run by Mr. Chin's sons Randy and Christopher, while Ms. Patricia Chin continues to assist with the maintenance of her late husband's company as well. In 2007, VP Records began re-issuing classic albums from the 1970s and 1980s on the 17 North Parade label, the address of Randy's Studio, where it all began.

Personal thought: Gotta give VP thanx for giving these artistes a chance but at the same time they've swindled a few artistes over the yrs, so my advice to anyone thinking of signing to them, READ WHATEVER IT IS THEY'RE GIVING YOU TO SIGN, otherwise from that, big up uself VP!


WorldFlavas.com said...

VP record has a monopoly on Reggae/Dancehall, therefore they get to screw, sorry they get to give whatever deals they want to hungry artists...

Ms Ida said...

Definitely gotta give them credit BUT they've taken advantage of MANY because of their monopoly on the market.

If a Sony or Def Jam were to ever decide to tap into this market and add some structure... V who??