Tuesday, November 24, 2009


Pardon the interruption but I just had to take the time out to let you know : Solange F*ckin rocks!
yea I said it, Beyonce's lil sister rocks and i'm not ashamed to say I listen to her music.
My original post was jus gonna be a pic of her but then her song landed in my inbox and I just hadddd to share.

This is a cover song for the Brooklyn band Dirty Projects 'Stillness is the Move' with a mashup of Erykah Badu's 'Bag Lady'.
Take a listen

Yea I know my music taste is a bit out there, but if you find yourself liking this song, here ya go

p.s: Solange also used this same sample for an upcoming DJ Green Lantern mixtape titled ' fuck the industry' alongside  her boo Wale... niice =)

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Ms. Ida said...

I actually really like this song... and I NEVER liked her music. *downloads*