Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Saw VI Trailer – Jigsaw’s Halloween Delight!

Jigsaw is back, even if it’s Detective Mark Hoffman (played by Costas Mandylor) carrying on his legacy in Saw VI this Halloween.

The latest edition to the string of murderous puzzles brings back past characters – even dead ones – like Amanda (Shawnee Smith), Dan Erickson (Mark Rolston), Jill (Betsy Russell), Agent Perez (Athena Karkanis) and Pamela (Samantha Lemole).

Darius McCrary, Family Matters star and ex of Karrine Stephens (Superhead), plays the character Dave. Also in this cast is newcomer Tanedra Howard, who some of you TV junkies may know as the winner of USA Network’s 2008 reality show Scream Queens. She’s the tortured soul in the photo above…

Hopefully you’ll have a date for opening night on Halloween – you might need a hand to hold!!

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