Sunday, October 4, 2009

Samurai in Brooklyn?

Reggae star Major Mackerel (Garfield Dixon) was attacked by his neighbor (Oscar Joseph) who claims that he (Major Mackerel) was flirting with his wife.

Around 8a.m Sunday morning Major Mackerel was coming from the corner store when Mr Joseph approached him with a sword! yes people a sword (lol). The two started fighting and Mackerel suffered injuries to head, hand and arm.

While being arrested, Mr Joseph was heard hurling insults and insisted Mr. Dixon was harassing his wife. SMH.

Glad to report Major Mackerel is back at home and doing ok.

Wish them all the best..

Here's Major Mackerel earlier this year performing at Brooklyn Music Festival

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

dem ppl yah sick yow........................wuz up wid the violence. ppl dont talk nuh more,,,,,,when a nuh gun a sword,,,,,,,,,ridiculous yow........nuh wanda nuff a dem end up a jail.