Wednesday, September 30, 2009


Well helloooooo world!
my name's DiJah and this is my blog. First I wanna let you know, this is not a personal blog, like my personal life blog, everything I'll be posting will be things that I like or find interesting. My focus will be on music, cars, fashion, current affairs (news) and anything else that gets my ears wiggling *snicker*
Along the way I will share more of me but for now I just wanna get this thing on & poppin.
Thanks for checking it out, come back soon.
Note: If you have anything you want me to speak on, feel free to drop a line; if you're an artist and want me to feature your music/ poem/ story, whatever it is, feel free to link me and I'll put da spotlight on you *wink*
Until then, take it easy.

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